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ESPRIT DE SECURITE: Training for all staff Groupe Massilly

Customer : Massilly Groupe

Sector : Metalworking

Location :  Massilly

Objective : “Esprit de Sécurité” trainig for all staff

Training “Esprit de Sécurité” all staff

“We wanted to carry out a staff awareness campaign. Our HRD did an internet search and the choice EOL was made when we saw that they were specialists in the human factor approach.
Before the safety training, we were mainly focused on the technique, there was not really any involvement of our staff in the prevention process.

Today we have a different vision: we have become aware of the importance of the human factor in controlling risks: we must all be actors.
Our frequency rate has fallen sharply since EOL’s passing and we see it as a true correlation. We trust EOL because several times in the year we are appealing to them, in order to train our new hires. “


Bernard Brian,
Director Factory